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Resources Monitor reports on mining projects in Australia.

Projects such as the • $400-million Thunderbird mineral-sands project north of Broome in Western Australia (a final investment decision is expected in late 2021) • $100-million Winchelsea Island manganese project in the Gulf of Carpentaria, with construction expected to commence in mid-2022 • $80-million expansion of the Isaac Downs metallurgical-coal complex in Queensland, with construction commencing in August 2021.

Our reports are used by mining-service companies (suppliers, consultants, contractors) to identify work opportunities and the key people involved in them. See Samples and Order Form above.


Australian mining companies are major developers of projects offshore. And they are backed by world-class engineering consultants. Comprising project reports and promotional assistance, our three-month program assists mining-service companies to win work on these projects. A rolling program, clients can join it at any time.


For the past decade, we have provided tailored assistance to Australia and overseas clients to expand their operations in the mining industry.

Groote Eylandt (Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory), the site of one of the world's largest manganese mines

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Project Notes


16 August 2021

The new investment world of renewable energy and electric vehicles requires copper, cobalt and lithium. The Congo is central to all three.

In copper it is a growing force, backed by high ore grades and Chinese investment. It produces two-thirds of the world’s cobalt. And it has lithium.

And with a population of 90 million, it is the fourth-largest in Africa (behind Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt).

But the country suffers from serious underdevelopment, corruption and seemingly endemic violence. Many western companies are reluctant to invest in the Congo.

But should they and western governments ignore it?

Perth-based AVZ Minerals is one company not doing so. It is developing the world’s largest-known lithium deposit in the Congo. The resulting lithium products will be used in lithium-ion batteries, a key component of electric vehicles and electronic devices.

Initial engineering design has been completed. Subject to approvals and financing, construction of the US$500-million project will commence in mid-2022.

The main engineering consultants working on the project are Australian.

Map: Democratic Report of Congo (DRC)

Snapshot of the Congo

Population: 90 million • Area: two-thirds that of Western Australia, over three times that of Texas • GDP per capita: among the bottom 10% of all countries • Religion: 95% Christian • Official languages: French and several national languages.